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Mission Statement and Purpose


We will enhance the experience of worshiping the Lord by being the avenue through which the Worship Leader and musicians engage the congregation and the communities beyond. 



We will provide a setting conducive to worship that glorifies God through the tools, talent, and spiritual gifts we have been blessed to have at our disposal.



We will work to prevent audio malfunctions or misuse of Audio/video equipment and technology, which ultimately leads to distractions and can prevent worship.  We will do this by providing training in our ministry department and utilizing adequate effective technology and ministry tools.


There are the various high tech tools we will use, which enable us to:

  • Engage the congregation in Worship 



  • Record both video and audio for ministries such as Podcasts, Youtube Videos, and Worship CDs/Digital Downloads



  • Reach beyond the walls of the church by recording our worship and sermons to our website for free streaming and/or downloadable content.


We will encourage people and we, ourselves, will worship the Lord by giving of our talents in a creative and servant-like manor.








                                                                  Get Involved!

                                                                  If you have a passion for high tech tools and desire to use your                                                                                    knowledge and skill to serve God, we want to hear from you!  









Contact your friendly Epiphany Tech Team:

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