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a place that is creative

          The "head" represents how we think.  It is the dream of embracing creativity.  We believe in and worship a creative God.  Artists will have the opportunity to experience and extend their talend and ability through performance, recording, music festivals, and galleries. Because God is a creative God, He is creative in His design of His people.  Epiphany is the dream of a place that embraces racial and ethnic equality.  This church will not judge on the basis of skin color or place of origin, but will embrace everyone, by having interracial and multiethnic equality within.  We desire to be the first balanced multiracial worship service in Robertson County.

a place that is glocal

           The "foot" represents where we go.  It is the dream of making church livable ... again. It is the dream of being a place that is locally specific and globally aware by being socially active in global and local outreaches. This place will facilitate a glocal (global + local) small group outreach. There will be an active small group outreach in every city of Robertson County. Social and spiritual outreach will be conducted in every country of the world by supporting foreign missionaries. This is a place that desires to be a community church, not a church in the community. It is a dream of mobilizing people for everyday ministry, then sending them out to do that ministry. This is a place that will intently reproduce small groups each year as well as chuch plants for the purpose of creating more stations of growth and relationships for the individual. It is the dream of a place that expands its public ministry into every home through televised and/or webcasted services.

a place that is missional

           The "hand" represents what we do.  It is the dream of a place that effectively engages the postmodern mindset most often overlooked by the modern day church by being culturally relevant, innovative, and authentic. It is a place of families for families. Families of all ages and sizes will connect with others that have been in their shoes. It will be a place that offers relevant training to promote successful and joyful living in today's world. This place will be one of the leading parenting and marital, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, divorce care, and minister / leadership training centers.

a place where nobody stands alone

           The "heart" represents how we feel.  It is the dream of a place with ministering members mobilized to encourage, support, love and accept one another. It is a dream of seeing people come into the church and being mobilized for everyday ministry, then sending them out to do that ministry. A message so simplistic in its sincerity yet so powerful in its connotation will always ring true. That message is that this is a place where nobody stands alone. This is a place that will not foster attitudes of division and sin, so that no one is isolated, but all will have a place of connection.

Our mission is to assist people to become Christ followers by showing them the loving arms of Jesus <evangelism>, teaching them about those arms <discipleship>, and then being united together in those arms <fellowship>.

(Matthew 22:37-40)

Our purpose is to glorify God.

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